Thursday, July 5, 2018

10 Best travel destination in Indonesia that you must try part 1

When You're stress facing your routine daily activities , perhaps you need to take a vacation . and here are the list destination that you can choose for vacation with your family , colleague and your best friend. here are 10 best travel destination by Travel Tips Pedia Part 1

1.       1. Sabang
Talking about the beauty of Indonesia begins the fun of Sabang. Its location is in Pulau Wei, Aceh Province, in the northern tip of Sumatra. Many excitingdestinations, especially marine tourism can be found here.

Ranging from Iboih beach which is popular among domestic tourists to foreign countries, Rubiah Island, Pantai Sumur Tiga, etc. In addition to the beach, there is the LaotMen Waterfall, Hot Water Baths, and Aneuk Laot Lake. Complete!

Before returning home, do not forget to stop first to Togo 0 km that has become the western point of Indonesia. In addition to photography, the traveler can take home a certificate of 0 km Indonesia, which has become a guide to visiting the western side of Indonesia.

2.Banda Aceh
Banda Aceh, capital of Aceh province, has great tourism potential. Starting with religious tourism, the Baiturrahman mosque is not only majestic but also retains a magical story. When the Aceh tsunami struck in 2004, this mosque still stands erect and has become a refuge for residents.

In addition to the mosque, there are more monuments to commemorate the tsunami tragedy in Banda Aceh, Tsunami Museum. Ridwan Kamil designed the museum as a symbolic monument to the earthquake and tsunami, as well as an educational center.

Then many more exciting attractions are unfortunately missed. For example, PLTD Apung is the PLN power generator ship in Banda Aceh, the tomb of Sultan Iskandar Moda, and various beautiful beaches such as Ulee Lheue.


The charm of Toba was all over the world. This is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, located in North Sumatra. The range reaches 100 kilometers, and the width is 30 kilometers wah!

The history of writing, Lake Toba was born of stunned by the eruption of Mount Toba, which destroyed the world tens of thousands of years ago. This lake still exists so far, with the island of Samosir in the center.

While visiting there, the traveler can relax while enjoying the beauty of various aspects. If you want to sail on the lake at one time stop by Samosir Island, the boats are available which will take tourists.

Toba is one of the priorities of tourism development by the government. So the traveler is more convenient as Selangit Airport cuts travel time.

Nias is like a piece of paradise in Indonesia. The island that enters the northern Sumatra region is saving the fantastic natural tourism potential. Ranging from nature tourism, history to culture.

For nature tourism, many beautiful beaches such as Sorake Beach, Lagundri Beach, Whispering Sand Beach, Toyolawa Beach and many more. Not only was the scenery beautiful, and the waves were hard to ride.

For culture, there is a stone tradition of jumping in the village of Bawomataluo, south of Nias. The Nias Heritage Museum will also attract the traveler's attention with nearly six thousand sets of historical objects. Tourists can learn the history of Nias life from time to time.


Want a peaceful holiday with beautiful scenery provided, and fun to go to Painan. This city located in Pesisir Selatan Regency, West Sumatera. In Painan and surrounding areas, a variety of exciting sights awaits you.

Langkisau Hill for example, from the top of coastal scenery Painan stunning. Then there is the main bridge, which is 100 years old. The unique bridge consists of the roots of two banyan trees facing each other and separated by the Bayang River.

One other is not less quietly; there is a mandy called the Raja Lambat of West Sumatra. Mandy Bay surrounded by green atolls and beaches like Raja Ampat. The sea also has a good view of the traveler who wants to dive or dive.

Located in the western part of Indonesia, the Mentawai Islands become one of the leading destinations for tourists all over the world visiting West Sumatra. This is because Mentawai has a stunning natural marine beauty.

Most tourists who visit is surfing. Surfers in the world are considered to be the waves in Mentawai as one of the best in the world.

The Mentawai Islands have four large islands, namely Siberut (the largest), Sipora Island, Pagai Island and the southern island of Pagai, in addition to some small islands around them.


If in eastern Indonesia Raja Ampat, in the western part of Indonesia, there is also an Anambas adventure that is not less beautiful. In fact, CNN Travel is also crowned as the most beautiful tropical islands Anambas in Asia overtake some neighboring countries such as Thailand and Malaysia.

The Anambas Islands are located in the South China Sea, between Borneo, East, and West Malaysia, and belong to the province of Riau Islands. No wonder that Anambas become a favorite for underwater enthusiasts like diving, scuba diving, and scuba diving.

Anambas Islands has only small airports and can be reached by small aircraft from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport (Jakarta), Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport (Tanjung Penang), Hang Nadeem Airport (Batam) and Sultan Sayarif Qasim II Airport (Pekanbaru). Transport facilities around the Anambas Islands can use a speedboat.

Belitung has a lot of natural beauty is no secret anymore. One factor is the film Laskar Pelangi is popular and has many offers from tourist sites Belitung.

The number of islands surrounding Belitung makes it a choice of water destination. Many beautiful beaches where travelers can hop or do water sports activities such as diving, fishing, and even sailing.

More fun to do when for Belitung is a film tour of Laskar Pelangi. The traveler can visit many places such as Tanjung Pandan City and Tanjung Tinggi Beach to  Gantong SD Replica. It’s Fun!


The province is famous for its Rafflesia flowers and many exciting tourist destinations. Not only on the beach but in Bengkulu traveler can also travel history.

If you want to go to the beach, visit Long Beach which is similar to the Gold Coast in Australia. If you're going to wander around in history, visit Fort Marlborough or Bung Karno in exile.

Travelers can also enjoy a variety of seafood such as Ikan Bakar with signature spices. There is also Luntong Tongang which is no less delicious.

A few years ago, Pahawang became famous as a tourist destination in South Sumatra. It is located in Lambong County with an area of 1804 hectares.

Bahawang Island is divided into two islands, namely the great peninsula of Pahawang and Pahawang Kecil. Clean water and clean white sand can be found here. Many activities can be done such as diving, snorkeling, water sports to visit the surrounding islands.

To Pahawang Island, do not forget to visit Pasir Timbul. The white sand is connecting Pulau Bahawang Kaysal and Bahawang Besar. Beautiful!